AWJ - Athletic Wicking Jersey

Easy and great to work with, our AWJ is beautifully soft, with a slight 4 way stretch and is available in a variety of colours, all in-stock in our retail selection but also available on preorder as digitally printed AWJ.

Used as a 'stay dry' layer in modern cloth nappies and menstrual products, it can also be used to make comfortable, flowing athletic apparel. AWJ is cleverly designed to "wick" or draw moisture away from the skin. It is breathable and great in keeping the skin feeling dry and cool.

Easy to care for, this versatile polyester knit fabric is resistant to staining and doesn't hold onto offensive odours. AWJ is a durable option to consider if you require a fabric that stands up to repetitive wear and washing with the bonus of also looking brand new, wash after wash!

Multiple qtys will be cut as a continuous length where possible. If there are any discrepancies when we receive the fabric that prevent this from happening, we will endeavour to contact you prior to finalising your order to discuss options with you.
COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester
WIDTH: 165cm PLAIN / 155cm PRINTED (+/-5cm)
WEIGHT: 140-150gsm
PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO PURCHASE: Pre-washing is recommended to avoid fabric shrinking on your finished product. Please allow up to 10% shrinkage on all fabrics. We do try and keep our cuts generous to allow for some of the fabric shrinkage that may occur.
PLEASE ALLOW: and understand there may be variations with ink colours between print runs and between different fabric bases. Colours may differ between your monitor or phone display and the finished print. This is something that while we do try to minimise occurring, can happen with custom digital printing and is out of our control. This is not seen nor considered a fabric fault and will not be treated as such.


What are some ideas I can make with this fabric?

Active wear, nappy lining, sports apparel and more.



Pre-wash fabric the same way you would intend to wash your finished product.

We recommend machine washing fabrics with like colours on a cool, gentle cycle. Avoid any harsh detergents, bleach or softeners. White vinegar works great to retain absorbency and softness while baking soda can help to deodorise any stubborn smells from the fabric. Do not wring fabrics out, simply shake out creases and line dry immediately after washing, in shade and inside out to best retain fabric colour and integrity.

AWJ can be washed up to 60C to align with recommended nappy laundering routines.

Avoid using a tumble drier as this may break down the lycra component in the fabric and over time will cause fabrics to fade, stretch and lose integrity.

If you need to iron, reduce the temperature setting and apply a thin fabric (sheet or tea towel will work well), for added protection between the fabric and your iron. 

Washing outside of recommendations may cause the issues with the use and wear of your fabrics.Unfortunately, should this happen, fabrics will not be eligible for return or refund. Incorrect care may deteriorate fabric integrity and shorten the fabrics lifespan.



Use a new stretch (90/14) or ballpoint needle and a good quality nylon thread. If you are using a coverlock or overlocker, you may want to use a wooly nylon for your looper thread.

If possible reduce your presser foot pressure. This may help the fabric glide through easier, if it is stretching or warping as you are trying to sew.

If you don’t have an overlocker or coverlock machine, try using a narrow zig zag of lightning stitch on your sewing machine.

On a coverlock machine, try reducing your looper tension and increasing the stitch length if you experience any tunneling.

Notions to have on hand when sewing with AWJ- Wonder Clips, fusible hemming tape, fusible interfacing will allow hems to retain stretch whilst allowing enough stability to making hemming a lot easier.

 Avoid pushing or pulling the fabric as you go.


Have fun and happy sewing!


COMPOSITION: 100% polyester 


GSM: 150 gsm

Sold per metre  - 1 unit = 1 metre 

Multiple metres will be cut in a continuous length when possible. If a continuous run is not possible, we will contact you prior to sending your order. 

Recommended Washing:

-Can be washed up to 60 degrees as part of your nappy routine

-Do not bleach

-Preferred line dry, out of direct sunlight

-Do not iron  

-Do not tumble dry



Please note: washing outside of recommendations may cause issues with the use and wear of your fabrics. Unfortunately, should this happen, fabrics will not be eligible for return or refund. Incorrect care may deteriorate fabric integrity and shorten its expected lifespan. 

PLEASE ALLOW AND UNDERSTAND that there may be variations in ink colours between fabric batches, photos, phones and monitors. This is out of our control. NFCO. does not regard this to be considered a fabric fault and we will not treat it as such. We are only too happy to help if you require assistance to match colours to one of our designs. We ask that you kindly direct any enquiries to for assistance in this matter.