Custom printing and reprints


All custom printing will need to be discussed with us so we can get them organised for you. If you would like to get your designs printed with us, please email Louise - to get started today.

To print we need a digital design file more than 300 dpi - JPG, PDF or AI.

NOTE: Due to the quick turnaround times of preorders, we are unable to offer custom prints with a strike/sample unless organised. Strike printing may extend your order until delivery of the following preorder, as they will require extra printing and processing times.

Discounts apply to orders of prints over 10m per base.

There are many other fabric bases available to custom print. Just contact us if there is something specific you are needing and we can discuss options with you. Please note that any base we do not offer through our store will be MOQ 100m (can include up to 10 designs).

Please ensure your digital file is finalised and ready to print as we will not proof work or take responsibility for any discrepancies that may happen when printing your designs. We recommend planning ahead and allowing the extra time to print strikes. This will give you peace of mind that you have previewed the printing before it is done and checked for any mistakes that need to be adjusted. We will confirm scale sizes with you before placing your order. Once design and scale (and optional strike) has been confirmed, we will manually process an invoice and email it to you to be finalised.

No fabrics will be ordered until all payments have been finalised. If this means your order is not finalised by pre-order closure, your order will not be included in that pre-order time frame.

No refunds will be offered on custom printing unless there is a fault in the quality of fabric or printing. Errors with the design provided to us will not be considered for a refund.