Cotton Linen blend is a linen fabric with the addition of a certain percentage of cotton. It has the added advantage of improved softness and wearability, less prone to crease, is more affordable than pure linen and combines the best of both linen and cotton qualities.

Cotton Linen is a fabric that can wear well, all year round. It has the ability to feel cool by absorbing moisture and allowing good ventilation through its open weave, but also has a slightly heavier feel to it than pure linen, so will retain body temperature in cooler climates, especially when layered.

Cotton Linen is a gorgeous fabric choice with a natural, organic, luxe feel. Super versatile, Cotton Linen can carry off more sophisticated wears or great for a simple, comfortable dress to wear to the beach or shops. The open weave creates a softer effect in the print and is not as sharp or clear as the Cotton Woven digital print quality. Initially Cotton Linen will have a more structured look and feel but softens beautifully over time with repeated wash and wear.

SOLD PER METRE ONLY ($28/M) Multiple qtys will be cut as a continuous length where possible. If there are any discrepancies when we receive the fabric that prevent this from happening, we will endeavour to contact you prior to finalising your order to discuss options with you.
COMPOSITION: 45% Cotton 55% Linen
WIDTH: 138-140cm (+/-5cm)
WEIGHT: 130 gsm
PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO PURCHASE: Pre-washing is recommended to avoid fabric shrinking on your finished product. Please allow up to 10% shrinkage on all fabrics. We do try and keep our cuts generous to allow for some of the fabric shrinkage that may occur.

PLEASE ALLOW: and understand there may be variations with ink colours between print runs and between different fabric bases. Colours may differ between your monitor or phone display and the finished print. This is something that while we do try to minimise occurring, can happen with custom digital printing and is out of our control. This is not seen nor considered a fabric fault and will not be regarded as such.


What are some ideas I can make with this fabric?

Dresses, blouses, aprons, linen, scrunchies, shorts and skirts.

Cotton Linen is versatile for most makes. It has a forgiving drape that “falls” over curves when worn. The natural fibres are highly breathable, making it a lovely and relaxed fabric to wear. Easily worn all day and great for warmer climates and months of the year.



Pre-wash fabric the same way you would intend to wash your finished product.

We recommend machine washing fabrics with like colours on a cool, gentle cycle. Avoid any harsh detergents, bleach or softeners. White vinegar works great to retain absorbency and softness while baking soda will help to deodorise any stubborn smells from the fabric. Do not wring fabrics out, simply shake out creases and line dry immediately after washing, in shade and inside out to best retain fabric colour and integrity. Can be tumble dried and ironed on a hot setting with plenty of steam.



Pre-wash and press cotton linen fabrics prior to cutting your pattern pieces. Cotton Linen fabric edges may fray so using pinking shears, a zig zag stitch, serger or a french seam may help trouble shoot this issue during your process and allow a neat and tidy finish.

Use a sharp 70/10 to 80/12 needle with a cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blend thread. Polyester threads work well, are durable and strong and will wear well as the garment ages. Start with a straight stitch at 2 to 2.5 in stitch length. Backstitch the beginning and end to secure your work in place. 

Have fun and happy sewing!