Premium Swim Fabric UPF50+

We searched high and low for a great quality swim fabric and after years, we think we have found one! This premium swim fabric is made from a blend of nylon and spandex. It has a great hand feel that is light, cool and supportive with great recovery but where this swim fabric excels most is the integrated dye that is used, allows for maximum stretch while still offering a solid colour. Minimal to no white shows through, even when given its maximum stretch.

Super versatile, chlorine resistant, colourfast and UPF50+.

Amazing recovery, support and stretch. 

SOLD PER METRE ONLY ($32/M) Multiple qtys will be cut as a continuous length where possible. If there are any discrepancies when we receive the fabric that prevent this from happening, we will endeavour to contact you prior to finalising your order to discuss options with you.
COMPOSITION: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
WIDTH: 155cm (+/-5cm)
WEIGHT: 200gsm
PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO PURCHASE: Pre-washing is recommended to avoid fabric shrinking on your finished product. Please allow up to 10% shrinkage on all fabrics. We do try and keep our cuts generous to allow for some of the fabric shrinkage that may occur.
PLEASE ALLOW: and understand there may be variations with ink colours between print runs and between different fabric bases. Colours may differ between your monitor or phone display and the finished print. This is something that while we do try to minimise occurring, can happen with custom digital printing and is out of our control. This is not seen nor considered a fabric fault and will not be treated as such.


What are some ideas I can make with this fabric?

Swim wear, athletic wear, dance wear, bike pants, skirts, dresses, crops and sports bras, tights and more.

Gorgeous heavy drape with a generous 4 way stretch which can be adapted to many sports and athletic projects.



Pre-wash fabric the same way you would intend to wash your finished product.

We recommend machine washing fabrics with like colours on a cool, gentle cycle. Avoid any harsh detergents, bleach or softeners. White vinegar works great to retain absorbency and softness while baking soda can help to deodorise any stubborn smells from the fabric. Do not wring fabrics out, simply shake out creases and line dry immediately after washing, in shade and inside out to best retain fabric colour and integrity.

Avoid using a tumble drier as this may break down the spandex component in the fabric and over time will cause the fabric to fade, stretch and lose integrity.

As soon as possible, rinse swim fabrics in running cold water after use to prevent fabrics fading or breaking down prematurely. Always rinse in running water before drying garments.

Sunscreen can deteriorate swim fabrics. Apply your sunscreens at least 15-30 mins prior to wearing.

Avoid sitting on any rough surfaces that may damage the fabric.

Allow 24hrs after washing for fabric to relax and recover completely. Good quality swimwear has a memory yarn needs time to recover and reset to prevent your garment stretching and bagging.

Avoid hot tubs.



Sewing with swimwear can be quite intimidating but prejects are normally quite quick to put together once you get going.

Use a ballpoint or stretch needle (90/14) and a good quality nylon thread.

An overlocker or coverlock machine is great for sewing swim fabric, but if you do not have these, a sewing machine set to either a triple straight stitch, lightning stitch or zig zag stitch. The double needle is great for finishing your stretchy fabrics and will give you a similar finish to a coverlock machine on the outside of the garment.

A walking foot will help. The walking foot has its own feed dogs that feed above and below the fabric, allowing bulking, slippery or difficult fabrics to glide through with easier.

Depending on the garment area you are sewing, the stitch width and length may vary. Top stitching can be set wider and longer than your basting stitches. Play around with different variations that work for your machine and the fabric you are using. Always use a test piece of fabric you intend to sew with to practice on first and only start your garment once you are confident with the settings you have chosen.

Practice, practice, practice. Like everything, the more you use it, the better and more confident you will become. 


Have fun and happy sewing!