Waterproof Cotton Canvas (as per Cotton Canvas with waterproof coating applied) is a heavy duty woven fabric that is thicker than our woven cotton base. It has a tight, basic criss-cross weave that is durable, flexible and easy to work with.

SOLD PER METRE ONLY ($35/M) Multiple qtys will be cut as a continuous length where possible. If there are any discrepancies when we receive the fabric that prevent this from happening, we will endeavour to contact you prior to finalising your order to discuss options with you.
COMPOSITION: 100% Cotton
WIDTH: 144cm (+/-5cm)
WEIGHT: 250 gsm
PLEASE NOTE PRIOR TO PURCHASE: Pre-washing is recommended to avoid fabric shrinking on your finished product. Please allow up to 10% shrinkage on all fabrics. We do try and keep our cuts generous to allow for some of the fabric shrinkage that may occur.

PLEASE ALLOW: and understand there may be variations with ink colours between print runs and between different fabric bases. Colours may differ between your monitor or phone display and the finished print. This is something that while we do try to minimise occurring, can happen with custom digital printing and is out of our control. This is not seen nor considered a fabric fault and will not be regarded as such.


What are some ideas I can make with this fabric?

Bags, shoes, outdoor furniture and cushion covers, pet bedding, storage tubs/baskets, tablecloths and more.

Canvas is a natural woven fabric that offers no stretch. Canvas cotton is remarkably strong, resistant to pilling, easy to clean and wrinkle resistant. Durable and flexible it wears well, even with repeated use and washing. Stiff drape that will soften slowly over time with use.


WASHING AND CARE OF CANVAS FABRIC - (use as a guide only)

Pre-wash fabric the same way you would intend to wash your finished product.

We recommend machine washing fabrics with like colours on a cool, gentle cycle. Avoid any harsh detergents, bleach or softeners. White vinegar works great to retain absorbency and softness while baking soda will help to deodorise any stubborn smells from the fabric. Do not wring fabrics out, simply shake out creases and line dry immediately after washing, in shade and inside out to best retain fabric colour and integrity.



Heavy duty fabrics require a heavy duty or upholstery thread to avoid any unwanted breakages. A heavy duty poly/cotton blend will work well and will be more forgiving in the final result of your project. 

Canvas can be challenging for some domestic machines but is possible with a bit of patience.

Use a 100/16 or 110/18 needle and heavy duty thread.

If possible, adjust your presser foot pressure to apply less pressure that thinner fabrics.

Adjust bobbin and upper tension to a lower setting.

Heavy duty thread throws off a lot of lint, so clean your machine regularly.

Sew using a longer stitch length (3-3.5) as it sews easier and looks nicer.

Use clips as the thicker fabric can be harder to pin without warping your projects shape.

If using a stiff interfacing, apply to UP TO the seam allowance. Then your machine will only have to go through 2 layers of fabric.

Sew slowly and turn your wheel by hand if you need to. Keep your speed constant to keep a nice even and straight stitch.

Back stitch slowly and carefully. Domestic machines tend not like back stitching over canvas fabric.

Iron using a light spritz of water, plenty of steam and firm pressure. Move in a fluid motion over wrinkles and avoid excessively holding the iron over one area for too long or this may scorch the fabric.

WHEN STORING CANVAS - loosely roll around a cardboard tube or lay pieces flat under a rug or bed.


Have fun and happy sewing!