I can hear our amazing bag makers gasping with glee at this one! 

Vinyl, synthetic leather, faux leather, vegan leather or pleather is made from synthetic materials and designed for various uses and applications. 

Man-made and super versatile, this fabric is flame retardant and durable, abrasion, moisture and water resistant and easy to keep clean.

SOLD PER METRE ($42/m) Multiple qtys will be cut as a continuous length where possible. If there are any discrepancies when we receive the fabric that prevent this from happening, we will endeavour to contact you prior to finalising your order to discuss options with you. 
Vinyl fabric will be folded and/or rolled to post. If there are special requests or considerations that are needed, please contact us to discuss postage options with you. 
WIDTH: 140cm (+/-5cm)
WEIGHT: 700 gsm

PLEASE ALLOW: and understand there may be variations with ink colours between print runs and between different fabric bases. Colours may differ between your monitor or phone display and the finished print. This is something that while we do try to minimise occurring, can happen with custom digital printing and is out of our control. This is not seen nor considered a fabric fault and will not be regarded as such.


What are some ideas I can make with this fabric?

Bags, purses and wallets, costumes, upholstery purposes, protective clothing, equipment covers, dog harnesses and collars, bows and more.


FABRIC CARE FOR VINYL - (use as a guide only)

Store vinyl flat of loosely rolled in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Under a rug or bed will work well.

Easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth and a mild detergent if needed. Do not use any harsh chemicals, bleach or abrasive sponges as this will cause damage to the vinyl. Allow to dry completely before using or storing away.



 Things you may need - rotary cutter, matte scotch tape or cheap masking tape (doesn’t need to stick well), Wonder Clips, Teflon foot, Universal needle 90/14 or 100/16, weights, thick polyester thread (#50 weight).

Some domestic machines will struggle with thicker layers. Go slow and see how you go.

If you need to press out any creases, place upside down and use an old tea towel to cover the vinyl. Keep the iron moving and do not hold in one place for too long. Always test on the side beforehand.

Tape vinyl to your cutting mat to stop it moving around. 

Use Wonder Clips to hold pieces together. Pins will damage the vinyl.

Use the same thread in your bobbin and choose a longer stitch length (3.5-4.5)

Do not backstitch your work. Leave threads long at the beginning and end, tie them off and tuck them into your layers.

ALWAYS test your stitches on a scrap piece of the fabric first! Stitches cannot be removed from vinyl without leaving hole, so check, test and recheck everything again. 


Have fun and happy sewing!